Jef Richards

Creative without strategy is called “art”. Creative with strategy is called “advertising”.

— Jef I Richards
MCI | Notrino
Taravat Dairy | Re Branding Campaign
Refah Chain Store | New Year Branding Campaign
Refah | Summer Promotion Campaign
KMC | Road Help Services TVC
Draje | Pannacotta sales Promotion Campaign
Bella Shoes | P.O.S.M Campaign
Implant Cast | Branding Campaign
Yummy | New Product Visual
KMC | Lifan X50 Campaign Visual
Bella Shoes | Campaign Visual
MCI | B2B Campaign
Lorikeet | Branding Campaign Visual
KMC | Event

How we do?

Connecting brands to custumers is the thing that lights our fire.

Here are some tools that we always use to create more big ideas.

Who we are?

Bolandgou is a Creative service Iranian Ad agency providing clients with the advertising (ATL, BTL, and TTL), marketing and branding strategies, and E-marketing services with his sister companies. The management board including, Brand & Marketing Solution Director, CRM Director, Creative & Art director, Digital Marketing Partner and BTL Director, supplies your requests in terms of integrated marketing communication (IMC) campaigns considering your long term objectives. Bolandgou executes The concepts and ideas which have been created in the creative team strongly With various IMC solutions.

What we think?

We think many owners and managers do not have the time or the staff to develop a successful marketing plan. As the result, too much or too little money is spent with no marketing plan or goal in mind. As a consultant for your business, we will help guide you with your decisions and offer professional advice and planning to select the best marketing strategies to increase your sales and profitability. We will create marketing messages that are compelling, influential, and clever and, most of all motivate your audience to respond in a desired manner. To best achieve this, we use a consistent design and message through all aspects of your marketing campaigns.

Agency Who?

What does Bolandgou do? How are we different from other advertising agencies in Tehran? It’s simple. We connect brands to customers And we do it in a totally integrated, results-oriented manner. Nothing is left to chance. Amirabbas Kamali, our founder, launched bolandgou in 2014 to be a different kind of ad agency. One that focused on their clients’ business goals, not just winning awards. One where people worked as collaborative teams, not competitive tribes.

What we do ?

1. Brand and marketing solutions
2. ATL including creative for mass media advertising services such as big ideas for TV, press, radio and billboards.
3. BTL including advertising posters, brochures, exhibitions, direct mail And gifts.
4. Field marketing (Sampling and road show) and event managements.
5. Digital marketing including online and digital advertising and marketing solutions such as digital production, digital campaigns, web design, online copywriting, online display advertising, social media and marketing, E-marketing, mobile applications and developments.
6. Media strategy and planning.